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  1. Norwegian Sunset® has a particularly nice branch structure and uniform canopy. Its Acer truncatum parentage gives glossy foliage and heat resistance. Click on any thumbnail below to see a larger image. Download our data sheet. Click on the above link to download our data sheet for this variety. All of our data sheets are in PDF format and.
  2. Norwegian Sunset Maple is a dense deciduous tree with a shapely oval form. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition.
  3. Calculations of sunrise and sunset in Oslo – Norway for September Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones taken in account.
  4. A related cultivar, Pacific Sunset™, in comparison to Norwegian Sunset™, has a finer branch structure, is more spreading, and slightly brighter fall color. Oregon State Univ. campus: along the east edge of the parking lot east of the Radiation Center .
  5. Norwegian Sunset Maple. Size: Clear: Share this product with friends! Tweet. Add to Wishlist. SKU: f41f Category: Uncategorized. Description Additional information Description. Medium growing. Height ′. Width ′. Zone 4b. Likes sun. Cross between Acer truncatum and ‘Emerald Queen’.
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  7. Chances are the recently refurbished Norwegian Sun can take you there with cruises to the laid-back Caribbean, sun-drenched Bahamas, the world's greatest shortcut the Panama Canal, or into the frozen wilderness of Alaska. While you're becoming a world traveler, you won't have to worry about what to do or where to go, as there are plenty of.

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