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  1. The elephants' habitats are closed to the public. The Sanctuary is currently home to 11 elephants retired from zoos and circuses, many of whom suffer long-term health and behavioral issues common to elephants that have spent their lives in captivity. The Sanctuary employs a fully integrated team of veterinarians and caregivers who provide high.
  2. Elephant, largest living land animal, characterized by its long trunk, columnar legs, and huge head with temporal glands and wide, flat ears. Elephants are grayish to brown in color, and their body hair is sparse and coarse. They are found most often in the savannas, grasslands, and .
  3. Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth and have distinctly massive bodies, large ears, and long trunks. They use their trunks to pick up objects, trumpet warnings, greet other elephants, or suck up water for drinking or bathing, among other uses.
  4. Elephants in Sanctuary deserve nothing less than individualized, whole-elephant care for life. NO. 3 “Sanctuary” means providing a safe haven and natural habitat, dedicated solely to elephant wellbeing. NO. 4 Protected contact and positive reinforcement are cornerstones for working humanely and effectively with captive elephants.
  5. 46) Elephants have the longest pregnancy in the animal kingdom, lasting 22 months from conception to birth. Elephants can give birth every three to four years, but will typically only have four calves in their lifetime. 47) Elephants have four molars– two on top and .
  6. Sep 25,  · African elephants have less room to roam than ever before as expanding human populations convert land for agriculture, settlements and developments. The elephants’ range shrank from three million square miles in to just over one million square miles in
  7. Instantly recognised around the world thanks to their trunks and tusks, elephants are the world's largest land animals. African elephant males are the biggest of the bunch, weighing in at up to 6 tonnes, while smaller Asian elephants can still tip the scales at 5 tonnes. Female elephants are social animals, living in herds with their relatives.
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  9. All elephants live in close social groups called herds, usually made up of related females and their offspring. The leader of the herd is known as the matriarch; she is usually the oldest and most experienced female in the group.

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